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Reach 1000's of Affluent Cottagers ...

with Absolutely the Best eMagazine you are able to reach 1000's of loyal subscribers from Muskoka region and other affluent cottage regions. We reached these clients starting in 2008 when we started the 1st eMagazine in region with the iPad market in this depression and have maintained 97% readership. We would not be able to obtain such affluent list of subscribers today. These clients just don''t subscribe. They have assistants now who fillter. So you have direct access to some of the wealthiest people on earth,

We had a year in Ottawa region to reach Leaders....

We spent a year building in Ottawa to reach leaders and other client who make a difference in Canada. This has added to the exceptional email database of subscribers.

We have developed a large base of businesses as yourself who have subscribed in our showcase offerings over the years.

Absolutely the Best eMagazine is an excellent publication to to reach successful business owner who make final decesions.

We have a Simple but Dynamic System...
Images Sell and simple copy give information needed.

You have 5 Second to capture attention online with the eMagazine we have 5 Minutes. Are clients want to see Images of product or Service, quick 1 minute copy. and access button for more info or contact.

Designed by a Professional Sales People with over 35 years experience.

This is important beacause they understand the sales and service cycle and can guide the clients through the One Click System.

Integrate and custom designed for your business and services you provide.

We provide copy to support your brand.
It is importtant as you have branded your business that we support your brand and all is approved by you so you can continue to brand your business for not only today but int the future as technology grows.

Rates Expectations Guide: $250 monthly up to $5000 anually

""Very happy with the service and the product they provided. Fast and friendly service"

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